Welcome to SJB Research Services

"filling in the gaps"

SJB Research Services, our goal is to provide a genealogical service to find the absolute truth about the heritage of your family. Whilst utilising modern technology so you can get up-dated online using a smart phone or your pc at home or work. We will also provide the service of travelling to libraries, archives and peoples home to interview family members in other states of Australia. We can create a movie to explain a persons life.

my family tree

my grandmother

Olga was a first genealogist in our family in the 1970's. When she passed she left a gap and I took up from there.


  • Land titles research.
  • Birth, Deaths and Marriage.
  • Probate.
  • Immigration.
  • Convict and free settlers.
  • Visit Archives, Libraries and Cemeteries.
  • Death investigation
  • Create GED file and upload it to My Heritage so you can view your family tree online.
  • Create movie to explain the history of a person or family.